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Mark Medina covers the NBA for USA TODAY on a national level. With the Bay Area News Group from 2017 to 19 and the Los Angeles News Stories (2016-2017), he covered the Warriors and Lakers (2012-17). Lakers blogger with Los Angeles Times Medina was also a Lakers fan (2010-2012).


He grew up in York, Pennsylvania and attended Syracuse University to study journalism. Inside Lacrosse Magazine (2006-2007), The York Daily Record (2001-2004), The Washington Times (2007), the Syracuse Post-Standard (2007), and the Richmond Times Dispatch (2007-2008) were among the publications where he completed internships during this time (2008).

Medina has written extensively about the stars of both the Lakers and Warriors, including Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, and others, during his time covering the NBA. Medina is stationed in Los Angeles in his current employment and frequently writes on teams in Western Conference.

A List Of The Best Startups To Keep An Eye On In 2022

As we get closer to a world dominated by artificial intelligence, now is an excellent time for IT startups to establish their impact. Because AI and robotics will govern the future, numerous Venture Capital firms & tech investors are keeping a close eye on the tech industry for unique ideas that you can make a reality. The new mantra is DREAM BIG, ACT NOW.

Take a look at the top 2021 unicorn startups before we continue. Among these are a few startups that have been able to change things around there for themselves in the last few years.

Given that hundreds of new businesses are starting up every day, the big question is: how can you stand out?

Identifying the most promising businesses for growth in 2022 isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Instead, we have opted to spare you the effort. See which new firms in 2022 are most likely to succeed based on their past successes and the venture capital money they have received.


Science and technology: artificial intelligence

Undisclosed funding

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the funders.

One of the most recent AI startups, SurveyAuto, uses geolocation, call logs, hyperspectral images, and open street maps to collect precise survey data. Inventor Dr. Umer Saif is a Pakistani businessman who came up with the idea for SurveyAuto.

With an undisclosed amount of investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the startup has been active for the previous two years.

When it comes to data collection and reporting, “SurveyAuto depends on a crowdsourcing technique and machine learning,” says CEO Dr. Umar Saif. This saves money while reducing the possibility of human error.

I’ll give it a try. But how quickly it improves is only a matter of time.


Science and technology: artificial intelligence

The project will receive $25 million in funding.

Atomico is looking for investors.

Spacemaker is another fantastic startup that strives to produce sustainable infrastructure that may help businesses flourish while reducing environmental damage.. It is one of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

Spacemaker can help infrastructure designers find the best ways to enhance the value of their buildings. As a result of their efforts, the infrastructure developers will be provided with an enormous number of site proposals, which they may then filter through to determine which ones are the finest. In order to come up with environmentally sustainable designs, Spacemaker relies on machine intelligence.


Science and technology: artificial intelligence

Funding: $23.2 million


Please help me locate this presentation. Please check your desktop to see if you’ve left that task behind. What if you can’t find the book you’re looking for on the plane? There is, however, a way out of all of this. It’s Capacity, a successful AI start-up.

Capacity is an artificial intelligence platform that connects all of your favourite apps in one place. The Capacity startup’s mission is “Never lose a digital file again.” Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by the software to keep track of which apps you’ll need and when. This aids you & your team in time management, information acquisition, and maintaining a laser-like concentration on attaining your company’s objectives.