Learn With Matt

Do you know him? What sparked Dream English?

Hi! Matt, the founder of Dream English, introduces himself here. As a musician, songwriter, or teacher, I am my own person. In 2007, I began teaching English to young kids, and I put my musical training and certification creating songs to help them learn the language. In 2009, I started making YouTube videos of my songs so that overseas students could hear them. More than a million people have joined the Dream English Kids Channel on youtube. Thank you so much for your help!

Does it matter that I am fluent in English if I listen to your music?

Yes! People from more than 50 countries visit this site every day, many of whom speak English as their first language. Many English-speaking parents have contacted me to tell me how much their children enjoy the songs.

Why do you make most all of your songs as well as chants freely available download on your website?

In order to promote and sell my music, I created this website. However, I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people who have downloaded a few of my freebies. Over 30 countries thanked me for posting my rendition of Jingle Bells. In turn, I received an increasing number of thank-you notes for my additional downloads. Many people told me that they can’t afford a CD but that my music is extremely beneficial to them, their students, and their own children. As a result, I’ve decided to offer much more free downloads in the future.

What’s the point of selling a song if you can download it for free?

All of the songs for selling are better quality and do not include the web ad that can be heard on the downloadable content. This website would not be possible without the sales of the these CDs and download packs. Purchase a CD as well as download pack of these songs if you plan to use them frequently with your students. There are many people benefiting from my ability to give aside the songs for free, including myself.

How do I get a free song to my computer?

It’s a breeze! Go to the “Free Downloads” section, select a song you’d like to hear more about, and then click through to the song’s page. The song will be available for download once you arrive at the page, and all you have to do is click on the link to begin the process. The right-click option is required for PC users in order to download and save file. You must first download the song to an mp3 player in burning it to a CD for use in class or at home. The free download of I Tunes is my recommendation if you don’t already have one.

How do you come up with the ideas for your music?

It can take many months to write and produce a single song for Dream English. In my courses with the students, I record a playable demo or play the song on my guitar. As long as it’s perfect for learning, I record it for others to enjoy!