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With NewsX A-List as part of an exclusive interview about his love of music & saying “I have been a cellist all my soul I think, I began my childhood having to learn how and where to sing and play the tabla but as slowly grew older, I got into the a lot of rock & different aspects of music,” Alboe said. By the period I was 25, I’d decided that music was the career path I wanted to follow, and I followed up with it. As a producer, that’s where my involvement with the Alboe project began.

Alboe (A Little Bit of Everything) seems to be the stage name of singer-songwriter, music producer, and DJ Vedant Chandra, who is based in New Delhi. His “live” alter-ego has been developing steadily in Alboe over the past few years, with numerous international hit tracks and performances on the City electronic dance scene. The Painter, a 10-track album of melodic electronica, was released on July 23rd.

On his influences, Alboe ” says “I guess it’s all the influences I used over a time and most prominent in modern times are electronic producers who actually perform worldwide, we’re talking about greats like Avici. I was influenced by artists like him, but my training in Indian musical elements, the tabla, this same congo, classical fusion music, and so all my factors that influence and taste v/s my learning combined led to a fusion electropop. While the music and language are both western, there is a strong Indian influence.

“Alboe was an endeavour to encompass the fusion aspect of my genre and it’s a short form for ‘A Little Bit Of Everything,'” he added when asked how they came up with the name. If I were to produce any genre of music in the future, I believe it would fall under the Alboe umbrella. I’m a sucker for acronyms, so I just went ahead and did it.

“It’s my first album, it’s my debut album, and the very first large-scale project which I have released,” he said. To date, it’s been 4 days since the release of the album, titled ‘The Painter,’ and sales have been strong across all music platforms. To some extent, the album represents an amalgamation of all the musical lessons I’ve been taught and influences that have shaped my taste.

Dancy and melodious with disco undertones. So the album is called ‘The Painter’ because it depicts me in my most raw and unpolished state, from which I hope to make progress. When eating certain foods or listening to such music, “people can visualise certain shapes or think of certain colours, and the whole album is centred on the that concept & we attempt to blend colours with the audio in this album,” Alboe said.