Why Hubspot Is Investing In Messaging Company Drift

Hubspot is a marketing software company that has become a household name over the last decade. The company was founded in 2003 and now has over 30 million customers worldwide. In addition to its core marketing suite, Hubspot also offers a variety of other services such as CRM, analytics, and sales automation.

Drift is a messaging startup that provides a free mobile app that allows businesses to send messages to their customers directly from within their apps. Founded in 2014, Drift has raised $26 million in funding since then.

With over 100 million users, Drift is already well established in the messaging space. As a result, Hubspot decided to invest in Drift. This move shows Hubspot’s commitment to the messaging space and signals that they see potential in the future of messaging.

In this episode, we talk with Drift CEO and co-founder, Ryan Hoover about how he got started at Drift, how his team built the product, what it takes to build an app like Drift, and why he believes messaging will be the next big thing for business.

How Did You Get Your Start At Drift?

Ryan Hoover: I had been working on my first startup, which failed miserably. It was really hard to make money because there were so many competitors out there.

What Inspired You To Create Drift?

Ryan Hoover: We realized that most companies didn’t have a way to communicate with their customers through their own apps. So, we created Drift to solve this problem.

Why Do You Think Messaging Is Going To Be The Next Big Thing In Business?

Ryan Hoover: People are moving away from texting and more towards using messaging apps. They’re easier to use, faster, and more efficient than text messaging.

What Does Drift Offer That Other Messaging Startups Don’t?

Ryan Hoover: Our platform lets you message anyone inside any app without having to leave the app. You can even add people who aren’t on your contact list into your conversation.