How To Manage Collected Recipients (Recipients Queue), Processed Recipients And Excluded Contacts For Message Broadcast To 1st Connections

Collecting recipients from various sources is a common practice for sending messages to multiple contacts at once. This feature allows you to send a single message to multiple contacts at once without having to manually add each recipient individually.

This article explains how to manage collected recipients queues, processed recipients and excluded contacts for message broadcast to 1 st connections.

The Following Steps Explain How To:

1) Create a new queue in the Contact List section of the Administer menu.

2) Add all your contacts as recipients to this queue.

3) Send a message to this queue.

4) Delete the queue after it has been used.

5) Manage the recipients that have already received the message.

6) Configure the message settings for the message broadcast to 1st connection.

7) Set up the message delivery options for the message broadcast to 2nd or 3rd connections.

8) Set up the message settings for the second message broadcast to 1st or 2nd connections.

9) Set up the message setting for the third message broadcast to 1st, 2nd or 3rd connection.

10) Delete the message after it has been delivered.