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Learn With Matt

Do you know him? What sparked Dream English? Hi! Matt, the founder of Dream English, introduces himself here. As a musician, songwriter, or teacher, I am my own person. In 2007, I began teaching English to young kids, and I put my musical training and certification creating songs to help them learn the language. In […]

Alboe News

With NewsX A-List as part of an exclusive interview about his love of music & saying “I have been a cellist all my soul I think, I began my childhood having to learn how and where to sing and play the tabla but as slowly grew older, I got into the a lot of rock […]

Mueller Time

“Night of Camp David,” a political thriller of 1965, was reprinted by Vintage Books at the end of last year. Commander-in-Chief Mark Hollenbach slowly unravels throughout the storey. At night, President Hollenbach likes to turn off the lights and speak vehemently about the conspirators surrounding him in his Maryland woods cabin retreat. Pernicious politicians, disloyal […]

Kati Morton

You’ve been selected for the Excellent Alumni in Healthcare campaign. What does this recognition mean to you? As a member of this campaign, I am grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside so many other inspiring individuals. Pepperdine University chose me, and I hope I can show how essential mental health is along with […]


United States Today’s NBA correspondent Mark Medina covers the NBA for USA TODAY on a national level. With the Bay Area News Group from 2017 to 19 and the Los Angeles News Stories (2016-2017), he covered the Warriors and Lakers (2012-17). Lakers blogger with Los Angeles Times Medina was also a Lakers fan (2010-2012). Bio […]

Issues That Affect Management Of Business Startups

How Would You Describe The Challenges Of Managing A Startup? The term’startup’ refers to a new company or venture that has recently launched. These companies typically have limited resources, a smaller team, and less experience compared to larger corporations. Managing these startups requires a unique skill set. As a manager, you’ll need to balance between […]

The Psychology And History Of Business Ethics

Business ethics has become a hot topic in recent years. Many companies now have their own code of conduct or ethics policy. Is this something that should be mandatory for every company? Ethics policies are often seen as a way to improve corporate culture and build trust between employees and customers. Companies often cite these […]

What Is Consumer Loyalty

Consumer loyalty is defined as the degree to which consumers continue to purchase from a particular company or brand over time. The concept of consumer loyalty has become increasingly important in recent years because of the rise of ecommerce. Consumers now shop online at least once every day. In addition, they often rely on their […]

What Are The Recent Bankruptcy News

What Are The Latest Bankruptcy News From Around The Globe? The global economy has been struggling since 2008. Banks have failed, companies have gone bankrupt, and unemployment rates have skyrocketed. In fact, the number of bankruptcies worldwide has increased by almost 50% over the last decade. Bankruptcy is a legal procedure where a company or […]

Want To Know How To Create A Social Messaging Apps In A Minute?

Social media platforms are everywhere these days. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. They are becoming essential tools for businesses and individuals alike. If you want to get ahead of the game, you should start building your own social media apps. Social media apps allow you to share messages, photos, video, audio, links, and other information […]